Configuration.BuildTargetConfig Struct

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.BuildSystemSource

Build options for a particular build target.


Options Source
BuildOptions Options

The options to apply when the target is built.

Deprecated Source
bool Deprecated

Is this target deprecated?

Enabled Source
bool Enabled

Should this target be built?

Required Source
bool Required

Is this build target required? If a required target cannot be built, it will be treated as a failure.


Target Source
BuildTarget Target { get; set; }

The target to build.

ScriptingImplementation Source
ScriptingImplementation? ScriptingImplementation { get; set; }

The backend scripting implementation.


BuildTargetConfig Source
BuildTargetConfig(BuildTarget target)

Creates a new instance of a build target and its options.

  • BuildTarget target :

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Configuration.BuildTargetConfig Struct

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