Commands.WorldCommands.CreateEntity.Request Struct

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.CoreSource

An object that is a CreateEntity command request.




Entity Source
Improbable.Worker.CInterop.Entity Entity

EntityId Source
EntityId? EntityId

TimeoutMillis Source
uint? TimeoutMillis

Context Source
object Context


Request Source
Request(EntityTemplate template, EntityId? entityId = null, uint? timeoutMillis = null, object context = null)

Constructor to create a CreateEntity command request payload.

The CreateEntity command request payload.

  • EntityTemplate template : The EntityTemplate object that defines the SpatialOS components on the to-be-created entity.
  • EntityId? entityId : (Optional) The EntityId that the to-be-created entity should take. This should only be provided if received as the result of a ReserveEntityIds command.
  • uint? timeoutMillis : (Optional) The command timeout in milliseconds. If not specified, will default to 5 seconds.
  • object context : (Optional) A context object that will be returned with the command response.

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Commands.WorldCommands.CreateEntity.Request Struct

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