Commands.WorldCommands.EntityQuery.ReceivedResponse Struct

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.CoreSource

An object that is the response of an EntityQuery command from the SpatialOS runtime.




SendingEntity Source
readonly Entity SendingEntity

StatusCode Source
readonly StatusCode StatusCode

The status code of the command response. If equal to StatusCode.Success then the command succeeded.

Message Source
readonly string Message

The failure message of the command. Will only be non-null if the command failed.

Result Source
readonly Dictionary<EntityId, EntitySnapshot> Result

A dictionary that represents the results of a SnapshotResultType entity query. This is null for CountResultType entity queries.

ResultCount Source
readonly int ResultCount

The number of entities that matched the entity query constraints.

RequestPayload Source
readonly Request RequestPayload

The request payload that was originally sent with this command.

Context Source
readonly object Context

The context object that was provided when sending the command.

RequestId Source
readonly CommandRequestId RequestId

The unique request ID of this command. Will match the request ID in the corresponding request.

RequestId Source
CommandRequestId IReceivedCommandResponse. RequestId

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Commands.WorldCommands.EntityQuery.ReceivedResponse Struct

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