Editor.SingletonScriptableObject<TSelf> Class

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.CoreSource

Base object for a singleton scriptable object.

Type parameters

TSelf : The type to make a singleton scriptable object.




  • This differs from Unity's ScriptableSingleton<T> in that: null is returned if no instance of TSelf is found. In Unity's implementation, an instance of TSelf will be created for you.

Static Methods

GetInstance Source
TSelf GetInstance()

Finds the instance of TSelf

The instance of TSelf if one exists, null otherwise.

  • An error will be logged if more than one instance is found. If more than one instance is found, only the first is returned.


OnEnable Source
void OnEnable()

OnDisable Source
void OnDisable()

IsAnAsset Source
bool IsAnAsset()

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Editor.SingletonScriptableObject<TSelf> Class

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