ReceptionistFlow Class

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.CoreSource

Represents the Receptionist connection flow.




ReceptionistHost Source
string ReceptionistHost

The IP address of the Receptionist to use when connecting.

ReceptionistPort Source
ushort ReceptionistPort

The port of the Receptionist to use when connecting.

WorkerId Source
string WorkerId

The worker ID to use for the worker connection that will be created when CreateAsync is called.


ReceptionistFlow Source
ReceptionistFlow(string workerId, IConnectionFlowInitializer<ReceptionistFlow> initializer = null)

Initializes a new instance of the ReceptionistFlow class.

  • string workerId : The worker ID to use for the worker connection.
  • IConnectionFlowInitializer<ReceptionistFlow> initializer : Optional. An initializer to seed the data required to connect via the Receptionist flow.


CreateAsync Source
async Task<Connection> CreateAsync(ConnectionParameters parameters, CancellationToken? token = null)

Creates a Connection asynchronously.

A task that represents the asynchronous creation of the Connection object.

  • ConnectionParameters parameters : The connection parameters to use for the connection.
  • CancellationToken? token : A cancellation token which should cancel the underlying connection attempt.

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ReceptionistFlow Class

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