IEntityGameObjectCreator Interface

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.GameObjectCreationSource

Interface for listening for SpatialOS Entity creation to be used for binding GameObjects. Implementing classes can be passed to GameObjectCreationSystemHelper in order to be called.


PopulateEntityTypeExpectations Source
void PopulateEntityTypeExpectations(EntityTypeExpectations entityTypeExpectations)

Called to register the components expected on an entity to create a GameObject for a given entity type.


OnEntityCreated Source
void OnEntityCreated(SpatialOSEntityInfo entityInfo, GameObject prefab, EntityManager entityManager, EntityGameObjectLinker linker)

Called when a new SpatialOS Entity is checked out by the worker.

A GameObject to be linked to the entity, or null if no GameObject should be linked.


OnEntityRemoved Source
void OnEntityRemoved(EntityId entityId)

Called when a SpatialOS Entity is removed from the worker's view.


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IEntityGameObjectCreator Interface

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