Common Class

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.ToolsSource

Catch-all class for common helpers and utilities.

Const Fields

ProductName Source
const string ProductName = "SpatialOS for Unity"

Static Fields

SpatialProjectRootDir Source
readonly string SpatialProjectRootDir

The absolute path to the root folder of the SpatialOS project.

BuildScratchDirectory Source
readonly string BuildScratchDirectory

The path to the Unity project build directory that worker build artifacts are placed into.

SpatialBinary Source
string SpatialBinary

The absolute path to the spatial binary, or an empty string if it doesn't exist.

DotNetBinary Source
string DotNetBinary

The absolute path to the dotnet binary, or an empty string if it doesn't exist.

RuntimeIpEditorPrefKey Source
readonly string RuntimeIpEditorPrefKey

Static Methods

GetPackagePath Source
string GetPackagePath(string packageName)

Finds the path for a given package referenced directly in the manifest.json, or indirectly referenced as a package dependency.

  • string packageName :

CheckDependencies Source
bool CheckDependencies()

Checks whether dotnet and spatial exist on the PATH.

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Common Class

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