MiniJSON.Json Class

Namespace: Improbable.Gdk.ToolsSource

This class encodes and decodes JSON strings. Spec. details, see JSON uses Arrays and Objects. These correspond here to the datatypes IList and IDictionary. All numbers are parsed to doubles.

Static Methods

Deserialize Source
Dictionary<string, object> Deserialize(string json)

Parses the string json into a value

An List<object>, a Dictionary<string, object>, a double, an integer,a string, null, true, or false

  • string json : A JSON string.

Serialize Source
string Serialize(object obj)

Converts a IDictionary / IList object or a simple type (string, int, etc.) into a JSON string

A JSON encoded string, or null if object 'json' is not serializable

  • object obj :

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MiniJSON.Json Class

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