2. The project and player lifecycle

The Blank Project is a barebones SpatialOS project containing the minimal functionality required to begin development with the GDK. It includes:

  • A basic Unity project.
  • Local and cloud launch configurations.
  • A default snapshot containing only a single PlayerCreator entity.
  • Client-worker and server-worker configurations.
  • Worker build configuration.
  • Unity Scenes to use in development.

Get the project's source code

Before exploring the contents of the Blank Project, we recommend you first download the source code which is stored as a repository in GitHub. There are two ways you can do this, either:
A. Download the source code as one .zip file
B. Clone the source code's repository using Git.

Note: We recommend cloning the repository using Git, as Git's version control makes it easier for you to get updates in the future.

Option A: download as a .zip file

While we recommend cloning the repository using Git, if you prefer to, you can get the source code for the Blank Project by downloading it as one .zip file.

  • Download as a .zip file from GitHub here.
    Note: Download the latest release; the file should be called something like Source code.
Option B: clone the repository using Git

If you haven't downloaded the .zip file, you can clone the Blank Project repository from GitHub

  • Clone the Blank Project using one of the following commands:
    HTTPS: git clone https://github.com/spatialos/gdk-for-unity-blank-project.git
    SSH: git clone [email protected]:spatialos/gdk-for-unity-blank-project.git
    Note: You can only clone via SSH if you have already set up SSH keys (GitHub) with your GitHub account.

Configure package registry

Outside of China

No action is required.

In China

Note: Only follow the in-China instructions if you are located in China and deploying your game to server nodes hosted in China. You must be located in China to deploy to server nodes hosted in China. Note that in the documentation, "China" refers to mainland China only.

In a text editor, open workers/unity/Packages/manifest.json and replace https://npm.improbable.io/gdk-for-unity/ with https://npm.spatialoschina.com/repository/unity/.

It should look like the following when you're done:

  "dependencies": {
  "registry": "https://packages.unity.com",
  "scopedRegistries": [
      "name": "Improbable",
      "url": "https://npm.spatialoschina.com/repository/unity/",
      "scopes": [

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2. The project and player lifecycle

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