Consider a simple game that displays a minimap to players, with three components:

  • PlayerControls, authoritative on client-worker instances
  • PlayerInfo, authoritative on server-worker instances
  • MinimapRepresentation, authoritative on server-worker instances

There are two things our client-worker wants to observe:

  • other players within a 20m radius of your own player
  • minimap objects within a 50m x 50m box centered on your player

This translates to two queries:

  • Position and PlayerInfo component updates for entities:
    • with a PlayerInfo component
    • that are within a 20m radius of the client's player
  • Position and MinimapRepresentation component updates for entities:
    • with a MinimapRepresentation component
    • that are within a 50m x 50m box around the client's player

We build up our Constraint and use this to construct our InterestQuery.

var playerQuery = InterestQuery
    .FilterResults(Position.ComponentId, PlayerInfo.ComponentId);

// For a simple 2D minimap, we want to know about entities around a player irrespective of an entity's altitude.
// Therefore, the relative box constraint's height is set to `double.PositiveInfinity`.
var minimapQuery = InterestQuery
            Constraint.RelativeBox(50, double.PositiveInfinity, 50)))
    .FilterResults(Position.ComponentId, MinimapRepresentation.ComponentId);

We then use the InterestTemplate class to specify the interest. As we define the interest for the client-worker, we tie the queries to a component the client-worker is authoritative over. In this example, we choose the PlayerControls component.

var interestTemplate = InterestTemplate.Create()
    .AddQueries<PlayerControls.Component>(playerQuery, minimapQuery);

Lastly, we add the interest component to our player entity template.

entityTemplate.AddComponent(interestTemplate.ToSnapshot(), WorkerUtils.UnityGameLogic);

The worker authoritative over the Interest component can make changes to the interest queries at runtime. For example, you may decide to remove the minimap query if the player disables the minimap.


This example shows how a player could observe the position of all other players on their team.

Suppose there is a Red team and a Blue team. Entities representing players are given either a RedTeam or BlueTeam component by a server-worker, to express which team they belong to.

We then consider two components:

  • PlayerControls, authoritative on client-worker instances
  • RedTeam or BlueTeam, authoritative on server-worker instances

Our client-worker wants to know the positions of all players with the same team component as the client-worker's player. This is represented as a query with a component constraint on either the RedTeam or BlueTeam component ID, returning just the Position component.

// Some logic to determine teamComponentId
var teamComponentId = GetPlayerTeamId();

var teamQuery = InterestQuery

var interest = InterestTemplate.Create()

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