2. Build your workers

As you will be launching a cloud deployment, you need to build out the code executables which will be run by SpatialOS servers - these are called workers.

Speed up local development iteration

This tutorial takes you through the steps to set up a cloud deployment. However, in a local deployment, you can either build your workers to run locally or run the workers in the Unity Editor. You can run multiple workers in your Unity Editor, so you don't have to keep building out workers during development iteration.

To run workers in the Unity Editor with the FPS Starter Project:

  1. With your project open in your Unity Editor, on your computer’s keyboard, input Ctrl+L (Windows) or Cmd+L (Mac).
  2. Wait until you see a message in the Editor’s Console window that SpatialOS is ready. The message is: SpatialOS ready. Access the inspector at http://localhost:21000/inspector.
  3. In your Unity Editor, play the FPS-Development Scene.

Build workers

Now build your workers from the Unity Editor's SpatialOS menu by selecting SpatialOS > Build for cloud > All workers.

The SpatialOS menu in the Unity Editor

Building workers for the first time may take a while (about 10 minutes). Why not make yourself a cup of tea or check out our Youtube channel while you wait?

Your workers have finished building when you see the following message in your Unity Editor's Console window:

Completed build for Cloud target

Note: You may get a number of warnings displayed in your Unity Editor Console window. You can ignore the warnings at this stage.

If your build succeeded, you can now upload and launch your game.

If you got build errors in Unity Editor Console window, check the Common build errors section below.

Common build errors

Missing build support components

  • You need Linux build support. This is because server-workers in a cloud deployment always run in a Linux environment. In the Assets/Config/BuildConfiguration, do not change the UnityGameLogic Cloud Environment from Linux.
  • You may need Mac build support if you are developing on a Windows PC and want to share your game with Mac users.
  • You may need Windows build support if you are developing on a Mac and want to share your game with Windows PC users.
  • Unity gives you build support for your development machine (Windows or Mac) by default.

You can also check our Known Issues for other error messages.

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2. Build your workers

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