GameObject Creation

The GameObject creation feature module contains a default implementation of spawning GameObjects for your SpatialOS entities and offers the ability to customize that process.


1. Add the package

Add this feature module to your project via the Package Manager UI.

Or add it to your Packages/manifest.json:

  "dependencies": {
    "io.improbable.gdk.gameobjectcreation": "0.4.0"

2. Reference the assemblies

The GameObject Creation Feature Modules contains a single assembly definition file which you must reference. This process differs depending on whether you have an assembly defintion file in your own project or not.

I have an assembly definition file

Open your assembly definition file and add Improbable.Gdk.GameObjectCreation to the reference list.

I don't have an assembly definition file

If you don't have an assembly defintion file in your project, Unity will automatically reference the Improbable.Gdk.GameObjectCreation assembly for you.

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GameObject Creation

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