New to the GDK?

If you are new to the GDK, the best place to start is with the Get started guide. This guides you through setting up SpatialOS with Unity using the FPS Starter Project, which you can use as both a learning tool and a starter for your own game.

SpatialOS concepts

If you are new to SpatialOS, you can check out the SpatialOS concept documentation on the SpatialOS main documentation site.

Where to start with the GDK reference documentation

We recommend you take a look at the following three pages first:

You can choose to work with either the traditional Unity MonoBehaviour approach or the new Unity Entity Component System (ECS) approach.



If you are using the MonoBehaviour workflow, you should look at the GameObject Creation Feature Module documentation to learn how to link GameObjects to SpatialOS entities.


The GDK currently uses Unity's 0.0.12-preview.21 version of the entities preview packages. This GDK documentation assumes you are familiar with the Unity Entity Component System (ECS).

For information on the ECS system, see:

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