Transform utilities

The transform synchronization module includes a TransformUtils class, populated with a set of static methods that makes it nicer to use the feature module.

Type conversion methods

The following static methods can be used to construct a FixedPointVector3 or CompressedQuaternion from their respective native Unity types.

Static Method Result Type
FixedPointVector3.FromUnityVector(Vector3 v) FixedPointVector3
CompressedQuaternion.FromUnityQuaternion(Quaternion q) CompressedQuaternion

The methods below can be called to easily convert a variable to and from native Unity types.

Type Method Result Type
Vector3 .ToCoordinates() Coordinates
Vector3 .ToFixedPointVector3() FixedPointVector3
FixedPointVector3 .ToUnityVector() Vector3
FixedPointVector3 .ToCoordinates() Coordinates
CompressedQuaternion .ToUnityQuaternion() Quaternion
Quaternion .ToCompressedQuaternion() CompressedQuaternion

Snapshot constructor

The CreateTransformSnapshot method constructs a TransformInternal snapshot, given uncompressed position, rotation or velocity as arguments.

var coords = new Coordinates(10, 20, 30);
var transformSnapshot = TransformUtils.CreateTransformSnapshot(

Note: ToUnityVector() casts each element of a Coordinates from a double down to a float.

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Transform utilities

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