Upload assemblies

Open the Deployment Launcher window by selecting SpatialOS > Deployment Launcher from the Unity Editor menu.

UI walkthrough

The section of the Deployment Launcher window that you use to upload assemblies can be found under the Assembly Upload label:


Field Description
Assembly Name This is an identifier for the assembly you will upload.

You can use this to reference an assembly when launching a deployment or to find the assembly in the SpatialOS Console.
Force Upload Denotes whether to force upload this assembly.

If this is checked, an assembly that previously was uploaded with the same assembly name will be overwritten.


Button name Description
Generate When pressed, this generates an Assembly Name for you based on your SpatialOS project name and a timestamp.
Assign assembly name to deployments When pressed, this copies the current value of Assembly Name to all deployments you have configured as described in the next section.
Upload assembly When pressed, this initiates the assembly upload process.

Expected behavior

Input validation

The Deployment Launcher validates your chosen assembly name to ensure that it is properly formed. Your assembly name:

  • Must contain at least 5 characters.
  • Must contain at most 64 characters.
  • Can contain alphanumeric characters.
  • Can contain the following special characters: _, ., and -.

If validation fails, the Upload assembly button is disabled and an error similar to below is displayed:

Assembly Name "<invalid_name>" is invalid. Must conform to the regex: ^[a-zA-Z0-9_.-]{5,64}

The upload process

When you press the Upload Assembly button, the Deployment Launcher starts a spatial cloud upload process under the hood. You should see a notification similar to the following at the bottom of the deployment launcher window:

Uploading assembly "<assembly_name>".
Assembly reloading locked.

The standard output and standard error from the command is forwarded to the Unity Console.

The assembly has finished uploading when:

  • You see the following message in your Unity Editor Console window: Upload of <assembly_name> succeeded.
  • The notification at the bottom of the Deployment Launcher window has disappeared.

Cancel an assembly upload

When the upload is in progress, you can cancel the operation by pressing the Cancel button shown next to the notification at the bottom of your Deployment Launcher window.

Cancelling an assembly upload while in progress may have unintended side-effects.

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Upload assemblies

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