[CN] Starter Template quick-start

This tutorial is for developers located in China and using hosting in China

If you are located outside China and using hosting outside China, see the (outside China) Starter Template quick-start tutorial.

Note that in the documentation, "China" refers to mainland China only.

Tutorials and guides: [CN] Starter Template quick-start

We recommend setting up the Example Project before creating a new project with the Starter Template. This gives you an overview of the GDK and using SpatialOS.


If you are ready to start developing your own game with the GDK, this guide takes you through setting up the SpatialOS GDK Starter Template, which you can use as a base for your own projects using the GDK.

You will start a single-server local SpatialOS deployment to test the project on your development machine, and, if you are developing on a Windows machine, you will start a single-server SpatialOS deployment in the cloud to test and share the project. (Note that you need to contact us before you can run a cloud deployment in China, and you cannot start a SpatialOS deployment in the cloud if you are developing on a macOS machine.)

Before setting up the Starter Template, you must follow the Get started guides:

Terms used in this guide

  • <GameRoot> - The directory that contains your project’s .uproject file and Source directory.
  • <ProjectRoot> - The directory that contains your <GameRoot> directory.
  • <YourProject> - The name of your project and .uproject file (for example, /<GameRoot>/YourProject.uproject).

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[CN] Starter Template quick-start

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