GDK differences in China

This page summarizes the differences in the GDK for Unreal for game developers located in China, using hosting in China. Note that in the documentation, "China" refers to mainland China only.

Depending on the Unreal features or third-party components you use in your game, there might be additional differences in China. Check the official Unreal or third-party documentation for information.

SpatialOS Console

The URL to access the Console differs in China.

Git repository for the Example Project

The URL of the Git repository for the Example Project differs in China.


When you run InstallGDK.bat during installation or an update of the GDK, InstallGDK.bat asks: Are you located in China?, and you must answer Y or N. InstallGDK.bat then clones the appropriate repo for your location (see Git repository for the Example Project).

ServicesRegion setting

Your project must have an appropriate value in the setting ServicesRegion. This setting is normally set automatically, based on your answer to the question Are you located in China? when you ran InstallGDK.bat.

However, if you did not run InstallGDK.bat, or if you are porting a project from China to outside China or vice versa, then you will need to change this setting.

There are two ways to change this setting:

In the Unreal Editor

  1. Go to Edit > Project Settings > Runtime Settings > Region Settings > Region where services are located.
  2. Select CN (if you are located in China) or Default (if you are outside China).
  3. Restart the Unreal Editor to apply the setting.

In the DefaultSpatialGDKSettings.ini file

  • Outside China: Set ServicesRegion to Default in <GameRoot>\Config\DefaultSpatialGDKSettings.ini
  • In China: Set ServicesRegion to CN in <GameRoot>\Config\DefaultSpatialGDKSettings.ini

See <GameRoot> for more information.

The spatial cloud upload command

The use of CLI command spatial cloud upload differs in China:

  • Outside China: spatial cloud upload <exampleprojectassembly>
  • In China: spatial cloud upload <exampleprojectassembly> --environment=cn-production

Deployment authentication URL

The start of the deployment authentication URL differs in China:

  • Outside China:<...>
  • In China:<...>

Cloud Deployment Configuration region setting

In China, the Region setting is not present in the Cloud Deployment Configuration dialog box.

  • Outside China: You can select the region that you want your cloud deployment hosted in.
  • In China: Your cloud deployment is hosted in China.

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GDK differences in China

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