Directory structure

The table below lists the contents of your clone of the Unreal Engine fork repository after running Setup.bat to build Unreal engine as part of Get started.

Directory Purpose
SpatialGDK/Binaries/ThirdParty/Improbable/ Not tracked in git. This directory contains the required binaries for your Unreal project to work with the SpatialOS GDK for Unreal. These files are generated when running Setup.bat.
SpatialGDK/Build/core_sdk/ Not tracked in git. Contains the C API worker SDK dependencies used by the GDK to serialize data to and from SpatialOS.
SpatialGDK/Build/Programs/ Contains the source and project files for the executables used when building the GDK.
SpatialGDK/Build/Scripts/ Contains the helper scripts that allow you to build either a server-worker or a client-worker.
SpatialGDK/Documentation Contains the documentation for the GDK.
SpatialGDK/Extras/fastbuild Contains files related to FASTBuild, an open-source build system that is currently only usable with the GDK by Improbable engineers.
SpatialGDK/Extras/schema Contains the schema files required for the GDK to interact with SpatialOS.
SpatialGDK/Extras/linting/ Contains the scripts we use to lint the GDK.
SpatialGDK/Source/SpatialGDK/Public Contains the public source code of the GDK uplugin.
SpatialGDK/Source/SpatialGDK/Private Contains the private source code of the GDK uplugin.
SpatialGDK/Source/SpatialGDK/Public/WorkerSdk/ Not tracked in git. Contains the C API worker SDK headers which are used while building the GDK. You install these when you run Setup.bat
SpatialGDK/Source/SpatialGDKEditorToolbar/ Contains the SpatialOS GDK toolbar that appears within the Unreal Editor GUI, from which you can take snapshots, generate schemas, start and stop deployments, and access the SpatialOS Inspector.
ci/ Contains scripts we use internally for our continuous integration.

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Directory structure

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