In-game tutorial

Welcome to the in-game tutorial. It introduces you to the key SpatialOS concepts you need to know for your own game development.

Before you follow this tutorial, you must:

  1. Complete Get started
  2. Complete the Example Project quick-start:
  3. Read the SpatialOS concepts guide

The Get started and Example Project quick-start tutorials help you set up the GDK for Unreal and Example Project, and explain the basic SpatialOS concepts. The SpatialOS concepts guide gives you a high-level overview of SpatialOS. This in-game tutorial is the next step in learning about SpatialOS.

The in-game tutorial has several maps, one for each main concept it covers. For each map, there is a walkthrough in this tutorial and a short video that describes the concepts in more depth.

Setup and configuration

You can find the in-game tutorial in the Example Project. Make sure you have the following correctly installed:

  • the Unreal Editor
  • the GDK for Unreal
  • the Example Project

See Get Started for installation instructions.

Runtime variant

For this tutorial, you must use the Standard runtime variant. To select this variant, in the Unreal Editor select Edit > Project Settings > SpatialOS GDK for Unreal > Editor Settings > Runtime > Runtime Variant > Standard.


If this is your first time running the Example Project after setting it up, you need to generate a schema. The schema is a set of definitions which represent your game’s objects in SpatialOS. The GDK for Unreal defines it in .schema files and writes it in the SpatialOS language Schemalang.

SpatialOS uses the schema to generate APIs specific to the objects in your project. The worker types in your game use these generated APIs so that their instances can interact with your game's objects. You still use the standard Unreal Engine networking tools (such as replication and RPCs) to develop your game.

To generate a schema, in the GDK toolbar, click Schema.

Image: The Schema button in the GDK toolbar

In the first part of the tutorial, you will learn about how SpatialOS entities correspond to Unreal Actors.

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In-game tutorial

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