Product maturity lifecycle

Throughout the GDK documentation, you’ll see references to the maturity stages we use to communicate the development stages of GDK features. If you understand these stages, you will be able to answer questions such as:

  • Can I rely on this feature for an external playtest of my game?
  • Has another studio already used this feature in an external playtest?
  • Can I rely on this feature for day-to-day development?
  • Are other studios using this feature, and will Improbable support me in using it?
  • Is this feature still being developed, or is it already proven and unlikely to change significantly?

Maturity stages

Recommended use
Support level


We're in the process of making an initial version of this feature with an internal customer.

We're developing this feature with our internal customer but it's not ready for anyone else to try.

Not applicable.


A very small number of customers are using an initial version to help us shape this feature.

Ready to try.

Take a look to understand where we’re going, and to provide feedback, but do not rely on this feature for your development.

There is no guarantee that the feature will progress from this stage. Based on customer feedback, we might change it significantly or remove it entirely.

Supported for evaluations, but not for day-to-day development.


Used by one or more studios in day-to-day development and internal playtests.

Available for development. We do not yet recommend the feature for external playtests because it requires further improvements and performance optimizations.

Full support during development.

External playtest-ready

This stage doesn't apply to tooling that you only use in development.

Used in at least one external playtest.

We have validated this feature in an external playtest and are confident in its stability and performance.

It might not be cost-optimized at this stage.

Full support during external playtesting.


This stage doesn't apply to tooling that you only use in development.

Used in at least one launched game.

We have validated this feature in a launched game and are sufficiently confident in its stability and performance to provide support guarantees on it.

Full support for game launch.


We’re not currently working on, or planning to work on, features or fixes. It could be removed permanently, with notice.

Not recommended for public releases.

No support.

Maturity stages of features that are under development



Persistence on single-worker deployments

Multiserver zoning (get in touch to find out more)


Simulated players

External playtest-ready
(if the feature is relevant for playtesting)

Single-server GDK

Multiserver offloading

Visit our roadmap or get in touch to find out more about the expected timeline for a feature.

Maturity stages of development platforms, and platforms that run game clients

The table below lists the maturity stage of each platform that you can use for developing games using SpatialOS, and also the maturity stage of platforms that can run game clients.

Development platform
Client platform






External playtest-ready



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Product maturity lifecycle

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