The following fields are mandatory:

The following fields are mandatory:

The following fields are mandatory:

You can exchange a DevelopmentAuthenticationToken (DAT) for an anonymous PlayerIdentityToken (PIT) using the DevelopmentAuthenticationService (DAS) to join a deployment anonymously. DATs are intended to be used during the early stage of game development and can be hardcoded into game clients.

The PlayerAuthService provides methods for creating and managing PlayerIdentityTokens (PITs), LoginTokens (LTs) and DevelopmentAuthenticationTokens (DATs).

Base class for server-side implementations of PlayerAuthService

Client for PlayerAuthService

PlayerAuthService client wrapper, for convenient use.

PlayerAuthService client wrapper implementation, for convenient use.

Holder for reflection information generated from proto/improbable/spatialos/playerauth/v2alpha1/playerauth.proto

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