Dispatch dynamic components

This page assumes you have defined a MyComponents function as described in Providing components, and set up the following preamble:

#include <improbable/standard_library.h>
#include <improbable/worker.h>
#include <example.h>

using namespace improbable;

The Worker SDK in C++ provides two functions for type-safe manipulation of components when the component type is not known statically.

When using these, the complete set of possible components must be statically provided using the template class worker::Components.

These functions are defined as follows:

 * Invokes Accept<T>() on the provided handler for the component in the given
 * list of components whose ID matches the given component ID.
template <typename... T, typename Handler>
void ForComponent(const Components<T...>& components, ComponentId component_id, Handler&& handler);

 * Invokes Accept<T>() on the provided handler for each component in the given list of
 * components.
template <typename... T, typename Handler>
void ForEachComponent(const Components<T...>& components, Handler&& handler);

Example of usage

For example, you could use ForComponent to copy the components of one entity to another without knowledge of the types of the components.

To do this, you would first define a class which implements a handler to provide the desired copying functionality:

struct CopyFunc
  const Entity& from;
  Entity& to;

  template <typename T>
  void Accept<T>() {

Then you create an instance of the CopyFunc class. To apply the functionality defined in Accept to the entity's componentsand, call the static methods worker::ForComponent or worker::ForEachComponent:

// Probably defined elsewhere.
using MyComponents = worker::Components<my_schema::Foo, my_schema::Bar>;

// Copy all components from source_entity to target_entity.
CopyFunc copy_func{source_entity, target_entity};
for (auto component_id : source_entity.GetComponentIds()) {
  worker::ForComponent(MyComponents{}, component_id, copy_func);

You can also use this functionality to implement a View with custom semantics.

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Dispatch dynamic components

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