The Worker SDK in C# will no longer be public from SpatialOS v15.0.0, but remains available to commercial SpatialOS partners.

If you want to benefit from SpatialOS in C#, we recommend you use the Worker SDK C# bindings for a performant and flexible integration. To see the kinds of things you can do with C# bindings, take a look at the SpatialOS GDK for Unity.

We continue to support the Worker SDK in C# in 14.x as outlined in our release policy. From 14.6.0 onwards, we will only add new features to the Worker SDK in C# at our discretion.

The Worker SDK in C# is an implementation of the Worker SDKs that allows developers to build workers as part of a SpatialOS game in C#.

The SDK provides functionality to write a worker that:

The SDK also includes methods to load and save snapshots of the
entire simulation from and to a file. (See Manipulating snapshots.)

A typical C# worker uses both the core API defined in
the Improbable.Worker namespace, and C# generated code
based on the user-specified simulated world schema.

Using the Worker SDK in C#

The C# API closely mirrors the C++ API.

The most important units of functionality in the C# API are:

For more, see either the C# API reference documentation, or
the pages under "Using" in this section.

C# blank project

You can use the C# blank project
as a starting point for a project using the Worker SDK in C#, or to add a C# worker to an existing SpatialOS project.

Game engine integrations

The APIs are lower-level than the a game engine integration like the
Unity3D integration.

If you're using a game engine we don't have an integration with, you can use this SDK to integrate that
game engine with SpatialOS. See Integrating an engine for details.

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