Upgrade to minor or patch versions

SpatialOS only introduces breaking changes between major versions (for example, 11 to 12). There should be no breaking changes between patch versions (for example, 11.0.0 to 11.0.3) or minor versions (for example, 11.0 to 11.2).

The exception is experimental features and SDKs, which can have breaking changes more often.

How to upgrade

To upgrade your project to a new patch version:

  1. Open a terminal in the root directory of your project.
  2. Run spatial update. (This might not always be necessary, but it's a good time to do it.)

Using the CLI in China

To use the CLI in China, you need to add --environment=cn-production to all commands, or run a one-off command to set the environment for your computer (see Using the CLI in China).

Only follow the in-China instructions if you are located in China and deploying your game to server nodes hosted in China. You can only deploy to server nodes hosted in China if you're located in China. For more information, contact your account manager or get in touch.

  1. Run spatial worker clean.
  2. Open the spatialos.json file (in the root directory of your project).
  3. Replace the sdk_version value with the new version number (for example, <%(Var key="latest_spatial_version")%>).
  4. Replace all other instances of the version number in the file.
  5. Run spatial worker build.
  6. When it asks: You don't appear to have the SDK CLI downloaded for your current SDK version (x.x.x), would you like to download? [y/N], say y.
  7. This is optional, but we recommend checking for any deprecations and upgrading to the new APIs.

You've now upgraded to the new version. You may want to read the Release notes to find out what is new.

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Upgrade to minor or patch versions

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