Deployment runs

SpatialOS hosts the server element of your mulitplayer game. You set up the server hosting via SpatialOS deployments. In a deployment, SpatialOS starts server-worker instances and orchestrates them for you.

In production, you always use cloud hosting, but during development you can test your game with both cloud hosting and local hosting (where your development machine emulates cloud hosting).

A deployment run is an instance (running or stopped) of a deployment. Each deployment run of a cloud deployment is assigned an int64 number as a unique identifier, which is called the Run ID. (Local deployment runs don't have Run IDs.)

The following screenshot shows an example of the structure of a deployment on the Deployment Overview page in the Console:

Image: Run ID: A unique identifier for a specific deployment run.


  • Project is the cloud project name to label your project, which is generated when you sign up for SpatialOS.
  • Deployment is the deployment name to identify a cloud deployment in the Console, which you enter when you launch a cloud deployment.
  • Run ID is the unique identifier for the deployment run, which is automatically assigned when you launch a deployment.

Note: A deployment run is still called a deployment run when stopped. In the Platform SDK APIs, ID is used instead as a unique identifier for each deployment run.

Distinguishing between deployment runs

Depending on your workflow, you might choose to keep the same deployment name each time you run a deployment, or you might use a unique name each time.

Your choice determines whether you can use deployment names or Run IDs to distinguish between deployment runs.

Keeping the same name

If you keep the same name, you can distinguish between deployment runs using their Run IDs.

Note: If you need to have multiple runs of the same deployment running simultaneously, you can't use the same deployment name for each of them.

Using unique names

If you use unique names for each run, you can distinguish between them using these names.

Note: Each run also has a Run ID, because SpatialOS allocates Run IDs to all deployment runs.

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Deployment runs

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