How can I pay?

For all customers on the paid tier, we send an invoice at the end of the accrual period (monthly) detailing the amount due and a payment due date. You must pay by bank transfer. We won’t send an invoice to customers using the managed networking free tier.

How granular is the billing for managed hosting and managed networking?

On the managed hosting and managed networking pages, we show prices for on-demand cloud hosting and networking on a per hour basis for simplicity. However, we invoice you a prorated amount based on how long you use the game instance (deployment), to the nearest minute (rounded up). We measure this duration as the difference between when the deployment is created and when it is terminated.

For SpatialOS deployments, the minimum duration is 10 minutes, so if your deployment is live for less than 10 minutes, we calculate prices as if it ran for 10 minutes.

We charge on a monthly basis for managed hosting on reserved bare metal and reserved public cloud infrastructure.

Do prices include tax?

No. Prices are exclusive of local taxes and transaction charges.

What are your payment terms?

Our payment terms are net 30 days from the end of the accrual period.

What happens if I miss my payment date for Improbable’s services?

We will first contact you to understand the reason for the missed payment. However, note that late payments may be subject to interest at the rate of 1.5% per month (or the highest rate permitted by law, if less) from the payment due date until paid in full. We also reserve the right to suspend ongoing use of our services.


Does pricing depend on the game engine I use?

No. You can use any machine for server-worker instances created with any game engine, including your own game engine. However, it’s likely that different game engines have different performance profiles, which might influence your choice of machine.

Does this pricing apply to non-gaming applications?

No. This pricing model is designed for multiplayer online games. If you’d like to use Improbable's multiplayer technology (including SpatialOS networking) for a non-gaming application, contact us to discuss pricing.

How can I track my use of SpatialOS or zeuz?

If you are using the paid tier, Improbable sends you a monthly invoice summarizing your use. If there are specific people who you would like to receive this information, let us know.

To monitor your use of each SpatialOS deployment (for example, how close your live deployment is to the performance limits of the servers), use the metrics dashboards.

To monitor your use of zeuz, use the zeuz console.

How do I set the bare metal and cloud mix for hybrid game hosting?

Our platform uses bare metal servers first, and bursts onto public cloud when all of the bare metal servers are in use. Talk to your account manager to set the number of bare metal servers to reserve each month.

You control settings for cloud use with the zeuz console.

To estimate the initial number of bare metal servers you should reserve for the lowest total cost, contact us, and our modelling managers will be happy to help you with a custom estimation.

How do I specify what servers and networking service type to use when starting a SpatialOS deployment?

You specify a game template in your launch configuration file. For a full list of game templates and which servers and networking service types they relate to, see Game templates.

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