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There are different development kits and tools to create, deploy and manage multiserver games using SpatialOS.

Start by installing and setting up a GDK or the Worker SDK:

  • GDK for Unreal
    Develop SpatialOS games with Unreal Engine. Follow the Get started guide.
  • GDK for Unity
    Develop SpatialOS games with Unity game engine. Follow the Get started guide.
  • Worker SDK
    You use the Worker SDK to develop SpatialOS games with any other game engine or your own game code, however, even if you are planning to use the Worker SDK, we recommend evaluating SpatialOS functionality with the GDK for Unreal or the GDK for Unity.

Note: there is no tutorial for the Worker SDK. For background information on using the Worker SDK, see Integrate a game engine with SpatialOS.

To set up the Worker SDK see the Set up the SDKs introduction page.

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Get started

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