GDK for Unreal

If you're using the GDK for Unreal, this page does not apply to you.

For an introduction to layers, see Layers in the core concepts documentation.

For each component on an entity:

  • Specify which layer the component is part of. At the moment, you still do this using the ACL component.
    • If you want a particular client-worker instance to have write access authority over a particular component, specify that worker instance instead of a layer.

For each server-worker type:

  • In the launch configuration file, for each layer, specify a load balancing configuration - how many server-worker instances to start, and how to split the world up between them.
  • In the server-worker type's worker configuration file, specifically in the worker attribute set field within the bridge field, specify which layer the worker type simulates. Currently, a worker type can only simulate one layer.

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