The Console is a web-based tool for debugging and managing games. It is made up of the Inspector, the Logs viewer, and the Metrics viewer.

The Inspector

The Inspector is a web-based tool for exploring the internal state of a SpatialOS world. It gives you a real time view of what’s happening in a deployment, whether it is local or in the cloud. Among other things, it displays:

  • which SpatialOS entities are in the world, and what their components’ properties are
  • which worker instances are connected to the deployment, and how much load each one is under
  • the load balancing strategies of the worker instances
  • the area of authority and area of interest for each worker instance

The latest version of the Inspector has enhanced features that focus on customization, authority and interest visualization, and workspace management. You can:

  • customize how you see your data
  • see the load that each worker instance is under, and debug problems with your load balancing strategy
  • visualize what data each worker instance is receiving to assist in debugging
  • use default or custom workspaces and share these with others

For more information, see the Inspector documentation.

Logs viewer

SpatialOS outputs all logs generated by a cloud deployment to a web-based logging interface. You can find this in the Console, on the overview page for that deployment:

The logs viewer provides an easy way to explore logs. You can filter logs by time, message contents, log level (INFO, WARN, ERROR), node_name and logger_name.

Metrics viewer

Each deployment is associated with a collection of metrics which are graphed using Grafana. The metrics viewer displays a set of dashboards, each of which presents metrics for particular areas of a deployment.

You can access the metrics viewer from the deployment overview page in the Console:

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