You can set up a multiplayer playtest and generate a link to share with your testers. However, you need to manage playtesting differently depending on your region:

  • If you are outside of China, you should use the Launcher.

  • If you are in China, you should use the Playtest Hub.
    Do not use the Playtest Hub unless you are located in China and deploying your game to server nodes hosted in China. For more information, contact your account manager or get in touch.

The Launcher

Use the Launcher to test your latest build by sharing your project with others. It launches a platform-specific client to connect to a cloud deployment. When your deployment is running, you can create a link that lets anyone launch a client.

Note: The Launcher can only launch clients built using the GDK for Unity or GDK for Unreal.

Launcher configuration

Use the Launcher client configuration file to define the executable and arguments that your client-worker instances need to launch correctly, so your testers can participate in playtests.

The Playtest Hub

If you’re working in China, you can use the Playtest Hub to package up a game client for distribution to playtest participants, who can click a share link and join the game without needing credentials. We provide instructions for how to host a playtest as well as basic instructions for playtest participants to help them get up and running.

To use the Playtest Hub, you must sign up for SpatialOS China: contact your account manager or talk to Improbable China.

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