The Inspector

The Inspector is a web-based tool that you use to explore the internal state of a SpatialOS world. It gives you a real time view of what’s happening in a deployment, locally or in the cloud, and is a crucial companion for monitoring and debugging.

The Inspector provides multiple features that enhance how you see the data that is relevant to your use case:

Customize how you see your data

The Inspector provides different modules that you can use to configure and link together to set up a workspace tailored to your use case. By linking the modules together, you output data or configurations from one module to another one. As a result, you can visualize data specific to your use case. Learn more about using modules.

Visualize worker authority and interest

You can visualize worker authority from the viewport, entity table, and entity details modules. This helps you debug the load balancing strategy of your deployment. In addition, you can visualize query-based interest (QBI) in the viewport and entity details modules. This helps you better understand the current interest configurations of your game, and also debug why you are or are not seeing relevant data in your game. Learn more about visualizing authority and interest.

Manage your workspaces better

You can have your default and user-defined workspaces workspaces saved both automatically and manually. With this feature, you set up your workspace only once and then reuse or return to it. You can also use the export and import functions that the Inspector provides to share your workspace configurations with others and save them for later re-use. Learn more about managing workspaces.

Access the Inspector

You can access the Inspector for local and cloud deployments.

For a local deployment

For a cloud deployment

Access the Inspector from the deployment overview page in the Console:

Click the Inspector button.

Getting started with the Inspector

In this video, we dig into accessing and using the Inspector:

Advanced uses of the Inspector

This second video shows you how to get the most out of the Inspector by walking you through an example of how to build a custom workspace:

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The Inspector

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